Word about life


Word about life

Illusion of feelings
Meaning of life in the 21st century
The Desire to Control

The more we know about something the more we give credit for it to protect either to destroy it, not that there is so much to destroy but come on, there is one out of hundreds or more that can harm the existence. And need to know the worth that way we will be more excited about a thing.

We have so many reasons in life that kept us going with their ups and downs but it is so important to know where we come from to know where we are going and also were out mind gets peace and comfort form all the drama in life. And if you ask me where the hat is it’s simple, I will say in nature.

Nature is a phenomenon of the physical word and also to life in general though I don’t believe we can know or fully understand the existence and clue and try to have some knowledge that way we will change the way of our thinking.

Love seems to be the core of the definition of life; true love has nothing to do with sexual attraction. It shouldn’t be one day I love you and the next day how are you it should be about saying nice things towards one another, to not be weak, it is the honesty, the respect the wish for good things and the dedications you put into a relationship which creates real love in any kind of relationship it should be a universal language which everybody shares it and enjoys speaking. No matter where the place is or the race.

Most importantly love is for the strong ones not for the weak, for those who get ready to ger hurt. Push away and still forgive, who are ready to give without expecting anything in return. In all things it is better to hope than to despair that way life will have a value with love in it.

I don’t believe we come to this world just to live as we get born, we get born, we grow up, go to school, get a job in the field we study ger married, have a family and so on. Of course, this all have their own paths and difficulties. But there is more, we come to explore, try new things, understand different ideas, know other cultures and lifestyles, ask what we don’t know, love everyone equally, and most importantly when we stand for something we truly love.