What is hypnosis


What is hypnosis

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Nope, you can’t control any one’s mind just by using hypnosis just like the movies. For a more defined explanation let us see the merit definition. “Is the state that resembles sleep but in which you can hear and respond to questions or suggestions.” Merriam-Webster

So what is hypnosis exactly?

Well according to science, the process of this program is unique. The more elaborated explanation is, it is a trance state between waking up and sleeping. You can see this state for a fraction of minutes when you are trying to sleep, the moment where you feel dizzy and relaxed, but you remember things that have never occurred to you before. The other way to see this is if you are those people who stay on the bed after waking up, just because you wanted more sleep. At that time you experience lots and lots of activities in your brain and yet you won’t have that kind of experience in your day time or work hours.

In other words, hypnosis is the way of guiding these things to more productive results. For example

  • Memorizing deep or hidden memories
  • Making old useless habits go away or hide them
  • Enhancing capacities of your brain that you want to and more

How does hypnosis work?

As mentioned before this is supposed to be guided by a professional because it is a guide to your emotions and other memories and those things must be protected or it could lead to other side effects.

The more general steps are:

  1. Deep relaxation (mostly while sitting)
  2. Imagining your perfect place (the smell, the touch, the wind, etc) according to your own imagination.
  • For memories, it is better to be in a room full of boxes or stares. Helps you remember step by step.
  • For deep relaxation, it is better to be in the wide green field with all the nature surrounding it. Like a waterfall, wind, trees and so on
  1. And now after imagining that you are there, you need to act according to the guide. But with a relaxed state of mind. My trick for the scary moments is letting it happen while the adrenalin rushes all other my body and use that strength.


Every suggestion can be denied by the person who is being hypnotized. I suggest you don’t respond to any kind of controlling sounds or any kind of suggestions that could lead you to be controlled in any way (good or bad). In other meaning, the only way that you can be controlled is if you want to be controlled.

Hypnosis guides to many things can be found on youtube guide to meditation and hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a great way to change your stand on any bad habits. But if you need any guide to begin you can see the videos #YouTube can help

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