Water; as the perfect cure for thinking straight


Water; as the perfect cure for thinking straight

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It’s only right to assume that water is essential to our body since our body is 60% water.

Findings have shown that, matters that need special attention and things to think carefully make different outcomes depending on the water intake. Two groups were put to a study, by which both are given equal problems that need full mental concentration, but the thing they were not informed was that one group had the liberty to drink water before the assignment and the other hadn’t.

Results show that the one with high water intake was to concentrate and solve problems for a long time and the others, unlike the former, who stopped concentrating after a few problems.

Just by the loss of 2% of our body water, starts the unbalanced brain activities. This 2% can often be lost through sweat without notice. The need for water or trust does not start right after so we have no idea that we need water at that time and tend to think strait or solve problems.

Since our whole body is controlled by our brain if it doesn’t work clearly and straight what could we do? Things that seem right or correct are wrong in reality and it leads to a more unreliable conclusion for a problem.

 Is it that essential?

Well as mentioned above our body’s 60% is water, which it leverages for jobs like transporting nutrients around the body and lubricating our eyeballs. The answer to that question is yes. Se needs enough water in our body to circulate nutrients. If that is not to be done properly then our brain wouldn’t be working properly.

Future research will be able to look at this framework in more detail. In the meantime, if you have got a lot of mental processing to do, make sure to drink plenty of water.