The trick for being successful in life


The trick for being successful in life

How to be successful in Ethiopian and in any part of the world in the current situation?

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How to meditate
6 ways to lead your day’s life happy

6-days 1-day plan

Why is this specific style of living so effective?

I take time to see rich and successful people understand and get the know-how to their way of life. And almost all of them use this kind of program.

Even in (Cristian) religion, God created all that is now and then within 6 days and took the 7th day off.

So now to the point at hand; there is also another concept that deals with the amount of work you work and which work you should concentrate on. For those you took business classes, 20 80 is mentioned most of the time, indicating the profit of working with it. For the other group of people here is what it means; 20% of what you work on, affects 80% of your lifestyle.

And here is the reason; let us say you work on 100%, which means the whole day most of the time. But while working on what you do, you could take 20% or more for other kinds of activities. Activities being, recreation or working on another job. While in recreation it helps you by creating a new perspective of your 80% job. If it is another job, then it should be well planned out because it took the place of your recreation and that being said, if it is well planned it will be your side job with profits. Profits that you can invest in other things.

So consider that before you work on any daily activity.

The whole concept of 6 days 1 day is mainly the same. By planning your day and week you can discover more of your abilities and skills. And not that skill is what matters the most. Money follows that of course.

I spend most of the time wandering around and here is what I found. Everything you do in a day needs to be with a certain amount of inertia and this is achieved by giving most of your time to the work that you are most interested in.

For example; I used to play some silly yet amazing game with my brother, where we through a bunch of rocks under a very small area from a reasonable amount of length, and it depends on the amount you put in that area. One day our father joined and won the game. And I asked how. “ How is that possible? We used to play this game our whole life (that being about 11 years)” and he said that my brother and I took too much time off before we through the next one.

That changed the way I see the world.

Work hard and smart but never forget to get a day off, not too long that you destroy the inertia or not so short that you get bored with the thing you are working on.

6 day 1 day doesn’t always refer to the days. It could also be used in a day’s activity.

Let’s say you are working the whole day and you have about 3 jobs. But they are not in the same building so you need to move, so why not open an audiobook of your favorite book or play a game while you are going to the other job. While doing that you make sure that you spread the time off with the rest of the day with the proportion of  6 days 1 day.