The Desire to Control


The Desire to Control

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We seem to control everything, and still want to control more.

The very science we think we are learning is one that is originally made to control the things that we are feeling. By doing so, we end up destroying nature.

Think about this for a few seconds.

What is the need for speaking when we don’t have to?

And yet we do, don’t we?

Say, the very concept of calculus is this. Nicola Tesla, one of the most profound scientists I admire said that in order to understand nature we have to see nature through waves. So, blinded by the illusion of control we cut the curves of the waves in too little squares to define and measure nature that we are.

Don’t you see what is happening here?

Many all over the world try to solve this and come nowhere near to it. Can’t you see that we are doing the same thing by creating the very religions? Religion is an advertisement of a certain belief. If one’s belief is strong enough to convince people, others will take over and cover their interests in it to control other people. You may think I am wrong, and I would believe you if it wasn’t true. Is it not true that many destroyed lives because of that very control we desperately desire?

This brings out a question,

What do you really desire? Think about every angle and possible factors as to what you want to have.

Do so carefully, because there is a saying that says “Be careful of what you wish, you may get it”. Let us say you wished for control over some situation, then what? Consider the following situation, let us say you want to control everyone, they will do whatever you ordered them to do. They will move mountains if you asked them to. Because in any field of your study or in any lifestyle you are, you always wish someone would have done what you asked them. So, then what? What would you do next? This could go on for a year max. Because you will understand that this is not what you want, you will see you are playing with dolls. Lifeless things moving where ever you want them to move and do whatever you told them. You have been doing the same thing when you were kids, you played with toys that are stiff and so you are bored with it. You find other things to control. Things that you can’t control.

Think carefully, by trying to attain the unattainable you will lose your life.