Social media addiction


Social media addiction

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If you are feeling uncomfortable without logging in to your accounts and can’t see yourself out of your social media, then you are close to or addicted to social media.

This phenomenon is pretty much the same with dopamine inducing social conventions. The social network provides news fees and constant shares of one’s life. Scientists got to the point to compare this addiction with other injection-based addictions.

Most people miss the point where social media are tools and not a lifestyle. They are just technology to enhance the way we do things and not hinder them.

Should you quit social media?

This is one of the questions you have to ask your self before taking any actions. If you are constantly on the platform to just see what the world around you look like, then you have to stop using the lists maintained below. There is a notion that we use the apps to enhance our business or interest to a certain level, but it so happens that the contents are irrelevant and more addictive than helpful.

I will be mentioning some of the things you could do to destroy your addiction.

1. Disable your social media notification

These social media notifications are like social life drugs. Your body releases dopamine to stay on these kinds of dramas. It’s like forced behavioral treatment but you are not aware of it.

It is fine to see your notifications and reply to your DMs once in a while with a program but since the notifications don’t have time and place to choose you will expect to see one every time.

You can reduce its effect by killing your social media notifications.

2. Clear up your home screen

Clear up your home screens form any social media that you are active in. This helps so many people. Well, I don’t know if you ever noticed that but whenever you buy a new phone, you can see your home screen filled with social media.

If you want your addictions destroyed fully, you have to change the place and make it in a whole new folder. This way if you ever wanted to use one of your social media it will be intentional.

3. Use only pc social media

The reason behind this is if you have your social media on your phone, it means you have the excuse to use your phone to use social media whenever you prefer.

If it is only your pc that you are using your social media then there is a whole new process in which you have to concisely use the platform for a certain something. And by doing that you will eventually get tired of it and leave it.

4. Specific times

Limit your self to use these platforms in a specific time. Like a movie or a video game. Freedom is a tool to help you restrict your social media before using in a specific time. This is of course a forced behavior, but if you want a quick result you can always use this one.

5. Content blocker

You can block some pages that are not useful to you or that seem to consume your time. These features are found on Facebook and Reddit. This helps you to control the contents that make to your screen and help you control the compulsive contents that popup all the time.

If you have tried these steps and have no result, then you have to try and make a 30-day social media detox. This includes deleting all your social media off of your phone and your pc for 30-days.

After doing that see if you can add one social media and find a way how it benefits you and work with it. After seeing it for a few weeks you then add accordingly and use the above steps to help you.

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