Planning every step


Planning every step

If you fail to plan then you fail to live a better life.

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Why is planning so important? Why do most successful people mention planning most of the time?

Here is the thing I understood; “  I am 20 years old and I have no solid plan, how can I go through the future if I don’t have a future at all?”. Everyone pretty much wants some control in their life but it also depends on the person’s personality. There are people who are called control freaks who want to control everything that they can and can not, whilst others, being the majority of the people, wants control over some portions that they can control.

I think I am in the majority. If you think you can control things all the way then that is the downfall of your paradise.

Now to the point at hand, why planning?

Well, it sorts out things that you have to do in a day or in a given period of time.

Let’s calculate a simple calculation here, you have about the same 24 hours of the day with other people that are successful. The thing is they use their 24 hours a day as if it is the only 24 hours they got to achieve the best of themselves.

Planning is the most crucial thing to consider if you want to lead a better life. It could be financial, academic, life, exercise or anything you wish to have is there, all you have to do is take time and plan.

Take time to plan

If you don’t have time to plan then you won’t have time to do whatever you are planning to do. That is well known.

Let’s say you have exercise and then work in some kind of studio and then have another project coming up and you have to deal with that thing quick. This is one of the smallest things you could be familiar with and yet won’t work on any of those things or work on all of them but has no good results, or work on one of them and leave the others. Either way, you won’t succeed.

All you have to do now is take time and plan what you have to do. Give priority to the thing you need to be done fast. The priority depends on the personality.

What kind of plan should I plan?

Planning is one step but if you are not using that plan to work for you, it is a total loss. So what can you do about it?

There are 3 major plans I used this past summer and used it all the way and got the best results I could ever get.

1. Daily plans

How can you use the daily plan? Plans don’t get planned over some unstable mind so you have to take a moment or two before starting to plan the day’s plan, because it could change your life for the better.

Plan before going to bed and see what you lost the last day without planning. It could be money, time, relationships or anything that you wish to put your hands on.

2. Weekly plan

This plan is very important and you need to consider it very carefully. The daily plans could very well be useless without the weekly plan. Technically speaking we can consider it as being a goal.

The main point of this plan is to see how much of the thing you have accomplished in 6 days.

I know what you are thinking “ how can you say a week and talk about 6 days”

You need a rest and need time to consider what to do next so the “ 6 days 1-day” program is one of the best techniques to follow.

Take a day off and prepare all your 6 day’s to-do lists and see what you did do and did not do and what you lost by not doing it. After doing that take some time to plan the next week.

3. Life plan

To-do list for life.

Here is the trick, we all have that thing, where we fantasize about the things that we don’t have yet or won’t get in some case.

Most people confuse things like wishful thought and goal, also wishful thinking with imagination.

I am talking about the goal. And every goal needs a plan. While daily plans and weekly plans are life’s 75% way of life, those things are based on life’s plan. It is the biggest plan with a little ratio but with the biggest impact.

You definitely need your life’s plan, so much so that you can grab on to it!!!

What do people misunderstand most of the time is that; planning to a God act. And I am here to say it has nothing to do with that. I know most of the society has no problem with this kind of thing but there are some with that kind of mindset and I know better because I am Ethiopian, I have seen lots of people being sucked in this void ideology. Note; planning is the easiest part, and yet we don’t do it because it takes energy. And the universe is well governed by “ If you need order, you need to put some work in it”. The littlest thing you wish not to do every day could take you one step backward from your dreams. Make sure to act too. Act wisely with precision.


You need to create a world where you are in control of your own world. Success starts from the smallest change and the changes you make day to day help you achieve that goal you have.