Phoenix of time


Phoenix of time

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Dearest past,

I am at the beginning of a new era, a new horizon to be discovered. Many good and bad things have passed through the years you are yet to encounter. Oblivious to what could happen, the world did not control the pandemic as it should have. The pandemic controlled out lives or free will if you may. We witnessed the economic mountain turn to dust all because people couldn’t follow simple rules. It left a burn that took years of commitment to recover.

The good part, we humans found the best in the worst of times with situations so desperately wanted to separate us, we stood together and created a new and better world. The economy started to rise again, bringing countless entrepreneurs all over the world. the pandemic created a habit of working from home, most African country including Ethiopia has adopted this technique. For it is more efficient, more productive, and safer.

The world is a much better place to live in now. The social engagements and cultural values are back in place. People are now more conscious of their surroundings and find new ways to better themselves. Technological advancements are much better and precise in ways that fulfill human needs. Caused by the pandemic, medical facilities are a lot more advanced and on standby for any threats to come.

Africa is now in a much better situation compared to the year you are living in. jobs and financial problems are being solved rapidly, thanks to the collaboration of the world. after the dispute between America and China has been solved the Gates’ foundation continued investing in its projects. Because of that, there are clean water and clean energy provision continent-wide.

Ethiopian, as any African country, took her more years to recover. But now people are prouder of their culture and motivates creativity unlike before. She truly has become the center of Africa and achieved a lot. People started seeing the fruit of dedication towards the greater good. the society I live in is very diversified and amazing, there are writers, entrepreneurs, inventors, readers, philosophers, and others on the other side of the nation. They all are united to create a better and strong Ethiopia. Peace and stability are promising, Africa as one is trying its best to promote that.

Thanks to the unity and support all over the world I too am trying my best to create a better society. I am now an architect mainly focusing on interior and graphic designs. Working every single day and night made me the best in the market. For the society that has given a lot, I for one, along with others, am giving what I can. The agriculture program that you have been thinking about is growing dramatically with promising progress. I invested many resources I can find to help and minimize the African starvation problem. Now, I am a millionaire trying to solve real problems at hand. For the youngsters all over the world, I have been traveling and sharing my experience on how we can and shall make a better world for the next generation.

My next plan is to invest in innovation and robotics, there seems to be a lot of raw talent that needs harvesting in Ethiopia. Furthermore, it helps the work I am working on to reach its deadline with better quality and a better amount.

Lastly, the world may not seem much to change in the way I told you right now but it will. You need to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where I am now. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! The things that hurt you the most are the things that never crossed your worried mind so, stay strong and happy, and bring out the good in the world where there seem none to get.

Your dearest future

From 2030