One step closer to dreams; MIT


One step closer to dreams; MIT

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What do you think of your dreams? What are they composed of? How about their meanings?

Well the students and professors at MIT claim that they are one step close to understanding what it is.

The state between being asleep and not awake has its own mystery. Some use it to their advantage. That state is a gateway to code yourself for the next morning. For example, if you by any chance were working on a complex thing and you needed it to solve soon, you have a high possibility of dreaming that thing. By doing that you have achieved about 10% of the problem you need to solve. Other studies show that your brain activity is at its pick when you are asleep.

The reason we don’t remember any of our dreams is because we lose about 90% of our dream after 10 minutes. Dreams are said to be the back groundwork of our subconscious so it doesn’t get noticed as it should be, but remembering what we dream about could help us be creative.

Using that to your advantage could help you achieve greatness. Some even tried to find what it is and how it works.

Nicola Tesla /the one and only/ tried this himself. He held some kind of ball and tried to sleep and at the moment when he gets to the point between sleeping and fully waking up, the ball he held dropped and wake him up. Although he concluded nothing, he had a series of experiments on that.

MIT grads were able to code what to see in your dreams.

Not quite that but by using the gap or the state, they tried to embed some stuff in the human brain. They used a highly modified sensor and electrodes, electrodes for the activities of the human brain. The thing they did was they waited till their computers flicker or tell them when they achieve the state and then they send words with coded sounds. Surprisingly they had related dreams. Related to the word or phrase they sent in.

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