Illusion of feelings


Illusion of feelings

The Desire to Control
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Meaning of life in the 21st century

It so happens that we are desperately in search of happiness, and there is nothing wrong about it. But we get blinded by our state of finding and overlook the littlest things that matter to finding it.

Most writers and speakers claim that happiness is found in oneself. Despite the teachings, they give it is true.

These days happiness comes from certain specific ways. you have to have money, achieve academic success, be attractive, or achieve some kind of social status. Most people mistake these achievements with being happy. Because social conventions depend on the very concept.

Think about this carefully,

How many people do you think are living as they wish they were? How many people are happy with what they do? How many people do whatever they desire without social judgment?

Many believe there is a specific pattern to life for being happy and so, they start searching it outside. Outside themselves. There was an old story in India that amazed men whenever I think about happiness. Few people went to a guru and ask if there is a way to happiness because they were fundamentally depressed. And so, the guru pointed out that they suffer because they desire and told them to calm their desire. So, they tried and tried and they couldn’t.

We have many poems and saying that echo the inevitable date that we all are marching to and despite all that we hang on the to the very fact that we are living very small things. We believe by doing what we don’t want and not fully engaging ourselves to what we do we can achieve happiness. To stop desire as mentioned in the story is the very point of happiness. Not trying to control things.

Really think about it,

Let us assume that you had all the power and what would you do with it?

You may enjoy the state for a few weeks, months, or maybe a year. But, what next? Let’s assume this situation if you and I were to play chess, and if we both see that I am going to be defeated after 16 moves then what would you do? Clearly start again. In the same way, any defined outcome becomes boring after a certain amount of time. So, you wishing to control everything is the very reason for your unhappy state. In the story, the desire they had is the control over things they want and couldn’t get it.

See, we created words, lifestyles, and social statuses for the very reason we want to control the flip-flop ability of life. By doing so we vow ourselves to control nature and when we can’t, we go insane, crazy, because it is not the outcome we wanted.

The logic lies in surrendering to the course of nature and accepting its flip-flop ability to gain momentum to go where ever you want to go. See, if you were to sail on a sea, you would use the wind to your advantage and not against. Because if you do you will fail. No matter where you want to go you uses the wind’s energy.

How can one surrender to nature?

Why be hostile to nature? Why are you so against its course?

You have to understand that you are it, part of it. Our brain is capable of doing many things and one of them is finding a different angle of view to see one thing. By doing so we create happiness on one end causing sadness at the other end. Although I don’t it has no causal relationships. By our religious society and current rooted and hidden common perspective of life gave us the disadvantage of seeing the real world as it is. Those perspectives created the whole world in which we should gain happiness in certain ways, so we bail on those so-called programs or religions. Because humans don’t want to operate under that condition.

We believe that we ought to do something in order to gain something. That kind of attitude has driven the world from where it was to where it is now. Am not saying it is bad or good. It just is there.

See the flow of water, when it finds a rock in the middle of its path it finds a way to go past that. It doesn’t use any force. In the same way, if you find a blind alley you should try to find a way out. But it doesn’t mean you should fight it; it just means you should find another way. But never use force to do so.

Questions you should ask yourself;

  • What is the real reason behind your depression or anger?
  • Does whatever you lost amounts to the anger you are feeling?
  • You know this feeling will pass. Why do you cling to what you think will be over soon?

All in all;

The things that affect you in a good way or bad way are not to be found outside you. Don’t fool yourself, you may go to a comedian and the comedian’s part is to make you laugh and not make you happy. To feel in a genuine way, you have to be the one who makes the call.