How to meditate


How to meditate

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How to meditate and what is meditation?

Before getting deep into how to meditate we should know more about the subject. What is meditation? , and why should we do it? Are some of the questions that are mentioned before getting into the performance.

What is meditation?
From what I read and understand the word “meditation” is easily described as concentrating on one specific thing or thinking nothing. But the action and the results are far more amusing than that. In my point of view, it is way more than that. It’s true that it is a way of doing nothing and concentrating on one thing but there are things more to it, like purpose, patience, power, consistency, and other protocols. So I wouldn’t dare to describe meditation easily as described above. Meditation can be used to understand the very humanity that we think we have unraveled, and yet trapped in our own theories. It would be easy to say that meditation is a new way of seeing the world.

How to meditate?

Well the trick here is creating a peaceful environment around you and inside you, also called “inner peace” it may seem easy but it takes time for results. Without further ado, we shall get to the steps.

  1.  Choose a place and time (where is the most peaceful place you could reach and be? At what time?)
  2.  Lie or sit on a comfortable spot and try making yourself relaxed.
  3.  Take a deep breath (3 times) with each breath feel your body relaxing deeper and deeper.
  4.  Feel your breath (not the sensation of being cold but the power).
  5.  While doing that think of the things that are around you to deepen your relaxation.

Give value for everything that is around you and cherish.

These steps are more or less taken from most of the guides that I read and heard.
Why do we need meditation?
Since it is relaxation and far more than that, it could help with regulating blood circulations, lowering blood pressure, lowering heart rate, less anxiety and a lot more
All being said it won’t be easy to concentrate for a long period of time so the suggestions would be to concentrate for a maximum of 10 minutes a day until you feel more relaxed and settle, and try and find hypnosis that guides you step by step. Do that, and you will definitely feel your life-changing.