How to manage your time


How to manage your time

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The only thing people have in common is time and no matter how famous you are or how wealthy you are or how poor you are you only have 24 hours duration on a given day. Like everyone else.

Since most people are goal-oriented and time management is the most important thing they have.

Although the title has some kind of illogical translation that we can add time to our common time, it is a way of saying that people have to manage themselves to see be more time managing people.

If you manage yourself, you will eventually have more time to do whatever you want in all the time you got.

Here are some pointers to help you manage yourself.

1. Set a plan

Set a goal and reward to whatever you set your heart. You must first ask your self if you are all into what you are doing. Before setting any goal or plans for your self you have to first see if that is what you want. This helps you see the bigger pictures that you have.

And after doing that you can reward yourself. It could be anything.

2. Prioritize our tasks

You can’t do everything at once, so you get overwhelmed by all the work you are about to do. But having a solid plan for what you have to do and how is a very logical thing to do before starting any task.

So you can categorize your tasks as things you do urgent, important but not urgent and not important and not urgent. This kind of classifications helps you do what you have to deal with first.

3. Let people in on what you do

This helps you to take some time off of your work and help you put your time on things that you are good at. Although it may take a while to do this, it is the most effective play to go through.

4. Start small every day

You can’t put your self in a day where you put all the tasks at once or start with the bigger one, although it may seem the most logical way to do that. It may seem that way, but you will be more productive if you start to form the easy one and go on from that.

5. Deadline

Not knowing your deadline to make finish a task is hard. We react so something that has a limit seems to boost our work’s speed.

6. Plan your meal

Panning your meal to meal seems a small step but it helps in the long runs. Since we are talking about achieving the long-run goals this needs to get in the list.

7. Single-tasking

Despite what you think multitasking is not that efficient. You can finish many tasks in limited time but with greater risk that you may not do the right thing in each task. Since you are not concentrating on one thing you constantly switch to other tasks.

9. Link your actions to your goals

The easier way to see if you are on track or not is to align your goal with what you are doing. And if that doesn’t seem to add up you have to change it.

This means you are on a different path form what your goals are.

9. Avoid distractions

In days we spend, we have social interactions to deal with day today. And of course, there are social media. You can see more on social media and how to control the distraction by reducing the notifications and pages that are found in most social media on our articles.

Finally, you need to see a clear path with what you do and what your goals are.