How to deal with stress


How to deal with stress

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Most say stress and anxiety are what human beings are born with. And most admit that and never try to fix it or go beyond that. They just happen to live with it being angry or stressed out by things that don’t seem to matter. On the other hand, I strongly believe that stress and anxiety are part of life but can be subdued or transcended. I believe that people with Zen practices and other practices that help you stay in the “now” of time are very helpful regarding these specific projects.

Here are some tips on how to deal with stress;

1. Take a shower

Most overwatch this but, cleansing your self has a certain feeling in which you feel better by doing it. After taking a shower make sure to drink water, and that helps you to relax and feel fresh.

2. Be present

Note your feelings right now and see if they are rooted form the present or the future or the past for that matter. Most of the time stress and anxiety happens from the past or the future and that has no real tread with the present. Most of our problems are connected with the past or the future and since we are stuck in that state, we are not able to see what kinds of problems in the present.

3. Journal

Journal it all out, out all your problems and stresses and anxiety. This helps you track your problems and see how irrational your problems are or aren’t. We humans feel happy when things are in control and we can see control of the traces of the problems and even find out what is wrong with how you are reacting to a certain thing. And find a way out.

4. Talking with someone

The thing about outside treatment is not to fix the whole thing but to be able to see it from the other side. Seeing your self from the perspectives of the others. Talking to some other people like a therapist or a close person like family or friends will help you ease up a bit.

5. Enjoy the process and not the outcome

You may think the outcome is the most important thing about the whole thing. As it turns out it isn’t. the process is what nourishes the outcome and if you are not enjoying the process the outcome is no good. Most people want to control things around, meaning controlling all which is a disaster to whatever you see. It won’t let you trust anyone or anything. You have to enjoy every curve and sharp corners that life has to offer to you.

6. Meditate

Meditation is where you put your soul to a stable and gentler place to see whatever is around you. It helps you see that things around you are fleeing and there is no point in trying to control that. It is a way of seeing the world in a more relaxed and freeway. You need meditation every day and more so if you are busy. It helps you see things clearly and sort out things quicker.

7. Take care of yourself

The self-care parts are the most useful when we come to the things that help you feel better. Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, stay safe and so on.

The busier you are the more you need to take care of yourself.

The best way to deal with most stresses is to start to get on whatever is troubling you as fast as possible and make it easier on yourself. Action helps to be a less stressed and carefree person.