How to build confidence


How to build confidence

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What Is confidence and how to build up your confidence?

We hear that almost all successful people make their way up by building confidence. So the core point seems to be self-awareness and self-confidence.

By the end of this article, you will surely know how to build up your confidence and how you use it.

What is confidence?

Feeling confident in what you think and do is one of the greatest feelings you could have in your life.

When we use the word confident, we refer to a person who does what he/she wishes to. But what is the source of that feeling? The theory behind this is understanding your self. It may seem easy but some of the greatest people to live in this world claim to not have found themselves even after achieving great things. I for one surely won’t be able to tell you how you can find who you are. But can share with you the way those people achieved their greatness. I saw an online short conference, an Indian philosopher, a great one on my point. Don’t take what 99% of the world take as a medicine, because it is not.

One of the main things to build your confidence Is by finding what you are interested in.

That can be affected by the environment.


How to build up your confidence?

Now, this is one of the questions that has been asked frequently all over the world. It could be for an interview, facing up problems or it could be for relationships.

Here are the main things you should understand before jumping right into the part where you act.

Is it worth it? What would I get if I do this? What happens next? Am I in the right state of mind? Ask these questions before doing anything bold. You might think you are prepared for whatever you will face, but it won’t hurt to check one more time. Don’t get me wrong there could be times that you won’t get time to think.

Building up confidence involves mental readiness and preparation. You should know how and when to strike a specific problem.

For example; If you have a problem in talking to mass people, then you couldn’t fix it just by seeing motivational speaking. Motivational speaking has a downside to philosophical gain.

You need to face the problem in a way that could make sense. The example mentioned above can be solved by talking to people around you (a large amount). And going up to the society you don’t know and goes on.

The logic behind this specific term is a way too amazing than you think it is. The very fact that you think you can’t act upon somethings that people can, gives them a certain power. You need to think that you are as equally important as they are.

Ask this question to your self. What makes you different from the others? What do you have that they don’t have? How can you embrace that and contribute?

The world is way more competitive than it was 10 years earlier, true that. But what you see around you, all the success and power come from a very small calculation called confidence.

How to use the confidence you built?

Most people see their goals, not the journey not the starting point but the endpoint. If you think about it, the only hard thing is the starting point, the starting state. But how to focus on that is discussed above.

How to use that power and that moment is one last thing that makes a difference.

If you have all the things you need to start all you have to do is face the problem you have. Some times people have the confidence they need but don’t use it as they should. Why do you think that is? Because they don’t know where and how to use it.

Confidence is a key, not the key. Face your problem gently with step by step. Not all at once. Some things like relationships could tempt to be spontaneous in a way but some don’t. so, consider which you need and how much of it you need.

Some confidence is sometimes termed as ego in our society and that is because of the thing, they have makes them blind.

Here are some checklists you should consider every single day.

1. Make sure to know that you have nothing less than other people, only more

If you believe and put your mind to whatever you wish to, dedicate more time to it, you will have more things to offer than the others do.

2. Create or find something you are good at

If you are good at something, I mean if you develop it with all the skills you have, then you need to show it to the world. If not to the world your friends would do. The reaction you get from them will help you develop your skill more. Mind that you need a positive environment, with a constructive comment.

3. Find something that you are bad at and try to fix it

If you are bad at something, and if it is worth your time to fix it, then do it. You need to try to fix all the bad things there could ever be about you. It helps you get more acceptance by others and mostly by you.

4. Help others

Helping others doesn’t only mean that you are helping them it also you who are being helped. Your skills, ability to communicate, seeing your self and other major points will also grow then.

5. You matter

Whatever and however you think your self, you really matter. It is just that you didn’t quite believe that you do, so why would you? Develop your self by communicating, developing whatever skill you think you have and you will surely find a place to fit in. whatever happens to you, whether the physical or mental problems, 90% of it is caused by you.


Confidence is an illusion. Create your own. Make sure you fight for what is yours. Stick the right problem with the right strategy. Check every checklist mentioned above. If you do that then you have nothing to fear.