How to be happy


How to be happy

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Most people think happiness is something to get outside. But most books and scholars keep telling us that is not the case. So, which one is right? Because we seem to reach out to something outside to make us happy form inside.

Here we discuss some of the biggest points to help you be happy.

1. Desire

We live in constant desire to have a status in the society we live in. always wanting to achieve something that has no real reason. The main thing seems to have a reason to what you do, is it a drive form an ego or is it genuine? See what you have put yourself into these past few weeks and how you reacted to a post or a tweet. Was it right to feel that way, in the way you do?

2. Rejecting things that surround you

It may be physical or social but seeing neutral things as negatives is damaging. This happens mostly when you wake up in the morning. You seem to find your self hating on someone or something right after you wake up. And the day gets ruined because of that. You should find a way to see things around you as they are and not more. mostly when you wake up. Because that seems the only time of the day which has the most effect on you.

3. Thinking of the past

Thinking of the past is fine and it has no side effects until we do it too much. Even oxygen intake after a certain amount in our body will turn to toxic. Thinking of the past constantly will cause you to not see the present which is now. Thinking of the past will lead to worries about the future and that causes sadness. Make sure you see the past to learn from them not stink of it. Since everyone has a past that he/she wishes to just forget.

4. Control

People, with or without understanding seek to control. Control over things, people, situations, fillings, and other things that seem to just slip away. Don’t try to control everything, let go of some things that help you get over some hard stuff that you are dealing with. For example, let go of the past since there is no way to reverse what has happened.

5. Seeking confirmation

You seeking someone’s confirmation of what u are doing is wrong. What you do and what you are is simply you. Embrace that character. Here is a thought, why be the same with others that look so dull inside while you can shine alone. Where is the bad in that?

So, happiness is not something found form other people. There is temporary happiness gained from outside. But it is only temporary. Make sure to see inside you to make the most out of your days. You are here to see and feel everything from joy to anger and everything in between, don’t force your self to feel the other way when you are feeling one that you feel is not right.

Engage with people who have a light inside them, who are different from the other people you see. Because they are the ones who know and feel what you are going through. And make sure to smile whenever possible. There are scientific facts that help the human condition to feel better when doing that.

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