How reading books almost destroyed my life


How reading books almost destroyed my life

You need to read this before you tell your children to read.

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Have you ever thought that reading books in certain conditions is bad?

Every child gets influenced by their parents to read books. If you were and are one of those people, you have to be specific of what you read and when. Most say it is what you read what makes of you, and that is true. I started reading articles and books, for my own intentions when I was in grade 8 and it has its own pros and cons.

By the time you finished this article, you will definitely be self observant and choose what you read. This works for almost any age, but mostly for parents.

Before going in, all legs and arms, we need to consider some small yet big concepts.

1. Society

I grew up in Ethiopia. To tell you the truth it is hard to consider change when you live there. By the age, I was 11 or 12 my father helped me to read, not like A, B, C… but more. But the place I was born and raised was so toxic that I couldn’t see what another way to see the world, so I chose books to understand it.

My dad reads a lot but has things he never understood, and he walked and talked like a champ. So everything that I see is more or less the same and stupid to tell you the truth.

That being said, my mom and dad used to tell me that I should read books and read everything I get. The thing they missed is we Ethiopian’s are religious and the books that are written all over the world are mostly against that. And being a 15-year-old kid and seeing the world with the eyes the writers see it made me an outcast. That was hard to take. I had times when I was suicidal.

I read everything I got and it got me a headache. But there is a fix for that kind of problem. 

2. Time

There are times you should read a specific kind of book. You don’t have to read every kind of book to get mature. I personally have seen some effective ways of growth and maturity done step by step so here is what I wished to fix when I was younger.

Age 7 to 12

This age has nothing to consider, the real-life world and how it works. I wish I had power and changed that, reading like small stories with meanings, not too deep that kids get bored.

This age is where kids as human beings get coded and have a better view of the world. Before knowing all the pits that the world could give.

Age 13 to 16

A hint of real-life can help at this age. You don’t have to introduce kids like things that could challenge their beliefs or lifestyle. You need to show them the world in a positive way that they could understand. Like changing the way they fix the problem they find in their day-to-day activity, like fights with friends and so on.

Age 17 to 19

This is the time they should know the business in detail and have a real test of the real-life. Let them read about self-improvement and “The how”. Not a philosophical point of view but a practical point of view.

Age 20 and above

Psychology comes here, and they can read without guidance and that is the point after all.

Don’t get me wrong people who read psychology before this age aren’t that messed up. All I am saying is that this specific step is better considering how the human brain grows. Also, people tend to have a philosophy about life and this is the stage where they developed it. By reading books.

But this the list I found from observation and personal experience for a better and more settle life to live. I guarantee you this is one of the best ways to do it.

Otherwise, we will create generations who talk a lot and know nothing about what they are saying and poison the rest of the world.

3. Mind setup

Prepare your self for it could destroy what you stand for and your beliefs. And to do that search and consult people online or read materials that could help you be flexible towards change.

Flexibility matters. If you really want to change, it has the biggest share of all. Reading is great but more often it tends to make people see that the whole world has a problem, and “we are all going to die, what is the purpose” kind of perspective. So guiding what to read and when helps you carve the perfect mind of a society.

What kind of books should I read in general?

Well, it depends on a person but the thing is the most successful people read a specific kind of book and here are the books I wish I read when I started reading books.

Books to read online for free

I have made a list of books that you can read online for free, I have read it more than once and developed and invested on my self in the past few years.

1. The power of your subconscious mind

2. The power of now

3. The secret

4. The power of positive thinking

5. Eat the frog

6. Rich dad poor dad

7. The magic of thinking big

These are the books that helped me to see what the world could be. I have organized the full review of these books on ” Top reading book list for beginners”


We live in a world where people create and get fame in matter of days and there are people who complain about the world. Reading books and broadening your horizon will give you an unlimited amount of imagination and power over your self and the world. Make sure to read books that suit your age and be a great thinker and creator.

These tips are just the beginning of a strategy.