How does addiction work


How does addiction work

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Addiction is a way of saying something is better than the others and I want more of that thing, but how is that feeling generated?

Human brains use a unique way of registering feelings. Let us say it has a signature for every known feeling. As a baby, seeing the lights or observing motions is better than things that are still and dark. That feeling has its own print in the brain.

The same thing applies to addictive activities or things. Like gambling, alcohol, and others. These things tent to unlock things that our brain has never seen before for a while and disappear. So in this case our brain wants the experience the same thing over and over again. That happens because every time when we do something new and tends us to feel happy or amused, the brain “rewarding center” rewards that feeling to a higher level.

You can observe this when babies construct or write a letter, they are happy while doing that. Well relatively of course. But when they are addicted by something else that could open their mind to a whole new direction, that feeling will be given a higher ground.

“You may notice that addictive people tend to have an addictive family”. So researchers say. The genes transfer to the new generation is printed by the predecessors and that could be why. That being said that makes no difference form other people, it doesn’t mean they are vulnerable. That could answer why some people get addicted and others won’t.

Here it is since it creates a new signature in our brain it takes the place to think about it all the time by taking over the frontal cortex. That part of our brain is used to judge things and analyses things accordingly.

But, some are aware of the things that happen and do nothing to help that. Like knowing that you are addicted and know that you are not thinking straight. Well, that happens when the signature is well beyond our capacity to control but at the same time know what it could do.

To get out of Addiction, any kind for that matter is easy. “It is a matter of choice, either you do it or not.” Take time to your own point of view and consider not to, and you will be fine.