Gateways to success and thinking big


Gateways to success and thinking big

Planning every step
How to build confidence
How to deal with stress

Success seems a very complicated thing to think of. Well, most of the time. But why there people of success? What makes them common?

I will list three main points to consider if you want to find your core and develop on that.

1. Plan; believe that you can do anything

Why is plan one of the most essential things to mention whenever it comes to success?
Planning your year, or month or day is on the way of telling your mind that it is possible. I want you to consider one thing for me. If by any chance you have an exam or interview for a better job what is your reaction to it at first?
Researches show that when we think of 2 things at a time, especially when contradicting ideas, our brain tends to collect points for the easy one. In the condition, I just told you above most people think of the failure than winning. So it collects more information for the easy one which in this case is a failure.
Believe that you can do it, then you will. Most think only mere believing could create a real-life change.
I think it has about 75% value to your change but we all know 75% isn’t enough to change your world. It could only change you and your surrounding if it is 100%. That can only be done if you act on it. So make sure to act on your belief. And in no time you will see the changes.

2. Avoid excuses; avoid failure

What are excuses? Is there such a thing as no excuse?
Excuses are one of the things that could drag you down from achieving your best. There are many kinds of excuses and of those, there are major ones. Health, luck, and age are 3 of the most known way to excuse oneself. These points and how to avoid them are briefly discussed in the book “THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG” by David Schwartz. PH.D.
Excuses are ways to make things complicated which they aren’t natural and make us feel lazy. You may complain and make excuses about your shoe while there is an actual person with no leg and working twice as much.
Avoid excuses and avoid failure.

3. Dedication; take your time

Whatever you think, where ever you think it dedication is the core idea. Dedication implies taking action consistently. Why is that important?
The only easy thing you can get in this free world is disappointment and sadness. The others are expensive and tiring. If you know that is true then you have to dedicate oneself to action. Deciding to do something isn’t good enough, the time you cost to make that work out counts too. It’s not about money or intelligence everyone can dedicate their mind to something that makes them happy and get them what they want. Make sure to dedicate yourself to more productive things.
Your mind, if failure is taken out of its equation then the only thing left to solve is success and by doing that your brain will find a new way of getting through things.
Last but not least things to do is widen your world, create a world to fail and learn from it. There is no such thing as failure in this world. Its only failure if you let it affect you in every way. Make sure to use it to your advantage no matter what it takes.
Take a risk, the one thing that holds us are taking risks no matter what. When saying that it doesn’t mean risking your life to something that doesn’t exist at all. Search and read things about what you want to do and then act on it.
Make sure to live 30 hours a day.