Deal with the world;


Deal with the world;

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Meaning of life in the 21st century

Ease has never been the standard that put winners on the top of the pyramid, but how easily they came across difficulties.

Living is hard, it’s a matter of survival. It’s a blessing for those who truly fight and a clog for those who don’t. Things could get heavy on everyone, things could get burdensome, things could get challenging and hard to accept or pass. Some moments in our life might get us into cloggy circumstances and suffocate us in the sea of unease. Undeniable instants of our times might seem to be filled with unbearable hurdles. But the way we see the weight determines our achievement. For those who seek hope, it’s a heavyweight championship, where they fight to their very maximum effort. And for those who respond, it’s what foreshadows utter hopelessness and then their fall.

But what’s the fun of living anyway if it’s to end in despair. Hope is what keeps us alive. The hope to lift the weight hunching our backs, the hope to jump the hurdles on our lanes and the hope to get over the insuperable looking obstacles. And being able to pass them and to find ourselves on the top makes our success priceless.

“When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray”! One of my favorite Rumi quotes. Which he meant to tell us to be aware of and accept our deepest sufferings, turn them into extreme happiness and enjoy them. Rumi says stay on your knees and find your gaiety right where you are. But I say move your knees, stand with your feet, and lift the dumbbell over your shoulders. Embrace the freedom of your precious achievement. Look down the cliff you just hiked. And then say “wow! That was me climbing all the way.” Well, that was you indeed!