6 ways to lead your day’s life happy


6 ways to lead your day’s life happy

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If you were to give yourself a day, free from work or stress or anything that you do regularly, what kind of person would you think you are? Are you happy?
Well, we often think big and we skip the smallest picture that builds the big one. Most people think their whole life is perfect and they label it as “a happy life”. On the other hand, people who look to their future think that they will be happy then. But what are we missing?
A day’s activity of all our regular life could talk a lot more about our life. The way we spend or day determines how we live our life.

So how can we improve our day?

“The mean and the good is feeling [or acting] at the right time, about the right things in relation to the right people and for the right reason” Aristotle (The Psychology of Happiness; a Good Human Life)
Well unlike many of the philosophers Aristotle thought that reacting to a given thing or activity is the way things are. The conclusion I arrived at is that it is “NOT”. As much as it is the way to be free of your feelings, which may lead to happiness, I don’t think it is the absolute way of being happy every day. Considering the way people are these days; that kind of conclusion could lead to more risk.
Here are 6 ways to make your life a happy one:

1. What do you really what to do?

Consider yourself doing something all day or all night. What would make you happy doing that? Could be a job, could be family, could be friends, could be traveling…
Give yourself the opportunity to know what you really want and do what you want. Even in the workplace do what could make you happier. Be at the moment, work really hard for it. The price is much greater.

2. Who needs forgiveness?

We often forgive others and never turn back to forgive ourselves. That is the more important thing. Forgive yourself. After everything is done good or bad (fairly) should be forgotten and forgiven.
Forgiving others could be a way to happy/ indirectly/. Because the way to get happy by doing that is if the person you forgave is happy and as we all know feelings are contagious. Leading to you, being happy. So if you want to be happy, forgive yourself.

3. Who are you?

This is one of the biggest questions philosophers dedicated their life on and concluded that it is hard to fully understand the question. But we can use that question to know what we love to do and what we want in our life. If we answered that, life would be easy after that. You may have considered this question many times but never worked, but I need you to take time, a day or a week to check this question in your life. Once you found the point, live by that. Embrace who you are!

4. Who gets to be in your life?

Since we are a social animal, we need to socialize and spend time with people. That being said, what kind of people do we need surrounding us? Negative (in a bad way, discrimination kind) to what you do to change your life to a better one could trap you not to be happy. So eliminate that kind of people from your life. Either by changing their way of thinking or by staying away from them.

5. Your health is first.

One of the things you should look after is your own health. To be happy, in fact, to be anything you should be in good health. Health is both physical and psychological. Being in a good state of both is one way of being prepared and planned for everything to happen in the future. The way to do that is to be calm and see other possible ways to solve any problem.

6. Calm breath

Deep breaths when you are in a negative mood like; stress, anger, anxiety, and others, can help so much. Since human beings are superior to other animals on resolving and decision making, the brain needs oxygen. More when we are in a negative mood. And by breathing deep we let our brain a fine and comfortable space to think reasonably and decide what to do next.
Whenever you feel uncomfortable take a deep breath and relax. Do that for 5-7 minutes and that should get you to a more relaxed and comfortable state.